Assessment Overview:

This ACA Assessment Course is designed to evaluate a participant’s ability to perform all of the skills, in conditions listed, along with demonstrating an appropriate level of knowledge. This course can also be run as a training to prepare for the assessment.

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This course provides the participant with the opportunity to receive documentation of having achieved a certain level of paddling ability.


Conditions / Venue: The L3:Coastal Kayak Assessment cannot be completed unless 2 of the following conditions necessary for assessment are present: ·10-15 knot winds ·1-2 foot seas ·1-2 foot breaking waves · Maximum current 2k

Technical Skills:

·Effective wet exit ·Launching and landing ·Effective forward paddling ·Effective reverse paddling ·Rotate 360 ̊ ·Turning with forward momentum ·Turning with reverse momentum ·Sideways movement—static ·Sideways movement with forward momentum ·Preventing capsize ·Sculling for support ·Deep water rescue ·Self-rescue ·Towing ·Rescues


·Weather (knowledge of weather resources and the impact of weather on kayakers) ·Basic navigation (interpret basic chart datum, plotting a course and adjusting for variation) ·Leave No Trace skills and ethics ·Group awareness and communication ·Hazard assessment and avoidance ·Recognition and avoidance of hypothermia and hyperthermia.