Comprehensive Kayak Training

With Bill Vonnegut    



Wide Variety of Classes

Throughout California & Oregon

Coastal Kayaking, Rock Gardening, Stroke Refinement,  Surf Zone, Surfing, Tides Currents & Rough Water and More

Roll Instruction

Learning to roll can bring another level of fun to paddling. It not only gives you confidence to try new things, it lets you hone your skills without the worry of capsizing. I have years of experience teaching rolling. And helped over 100 people get their first roll!



San Francisco Bay Area, Mendocino, Oregon Coast, Baja's Pacific Side

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Some of the best Rock Gardening in the world

  As a California Native to the Bay Area I have extensive

knowledge of the Northern California Coast



California Classes & Trips

For 15 years, I have been exploring the coastal waters and paddle surfing the numerous breaks of the greater San Francisco Bay Area coast.  Along with paddling the tides, currents and islands of San Francisco Bay.



Offering classes to improve skills & comfort when you paddle


Mendocino Trips

Some of the best paddling on the entire west coast! Mendocino is one of my favorite paddling destinations. Ask for a custom guided trip through this beautiful part of California, or sign on to an existing trip.

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Bay Area Trips

This is my home base and where I have done most of my paddling. Sign up for a custom trip and together we will explore the coastline, the bay, or any sites you want to see.

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Paddle The Oregon Coast

This rugged coastline is beautiful but can be hard to access. We offer guided trips and classes to gain access and the skills to this incredible stretch of coastline”





Oregon Classes & Trips

Offering classes and trips from the beautiful Columbia Gorge through Downtown Portland

and along the entire Oregon Coast.

A full lineup of Oregon classes will be available starting summer of 2018


Skills Classes

I offer a wide range of classes from basic sea kayaking to Ocean Rock Gardening


Coastal Trips

Have you been wanting to explore this beautiful rugged coast? If so, request a custom class and together we can find ways to access it.

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Columbia Gorge & River

Explorer the stunning Columbia Gorge or paddle through Downtown Portland

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