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Advanced Boat Control - Willamette River, Oregon (2 spots left)

Whether you are paddling on a lake or in ocean rock gardens, being able to control your boat, while staying upright, is both fun and essential.

Learning in flat water can be essential to hone skills with good form. My article Make Those Moves Muscle Memory for Canoe & Kayak Magazine describes the importance of flat water practice.

In this class you will learn to utilize and redefine core strokes and be introduced to advanced strokes, including supportive strokes, that will increase comfort and maneuverability in wind and rough water, advancing your skills to the next level. Dynamic paddling builds on strong foundation skills. Learning how to to combine and blend strokes is a key element of becoming a dynamic paddler. Making the connection between core skills and new techniques will build confidence and a solid foundation. 

Cost $125 Plus 6% booking company fee. (Minimum enrollment 2 - Max 5 students)

Location: Cedar Oaks Boat Ramp

We pay the booking fee if you enter promo code no6%fee when signing up.

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental.

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