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Wind, Strategies and Skills - Columbia Gorge (2 spots left)

The Columbia Gorge is a world class destination right in your own back yard. Learn how to have fun paddling in the conditions it offers.

Have you ever heard the phrase "this is a slog". It doesn't have to be, paddling into the wind can be a great workout making you a stronger more well rounded paddler. Imagine enjoying the waves crashing over your deck as you paddle into them, with the knowledge that the more you paddle the longer the down wave surf session will last on the return trip.

In this class we will work on a solid forward stroke to move you through wind that could come up whether planned, or not. We will also work on strokes and strategies to use the wind to turn and maneuver instead of fighting it. And of course the most fun, down wind runs and surfing! This class is a great opertunity to gain skills needed for coastal paddling.

While we can not guarantee wind on a given day, there is a strong chance we will have plenty to work with, as afternoon winds are common this time of year.

This class will meet in Stevenson or Cascade Locks depending on wind forecast for the day.

Cost $125 Plus 6% booking company fee. (Min 2 - Max 5 students)

We pay the booking fee if you enter promo code no6%fee when signing up.

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Boats and gear not included