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Rock Garden Skills & Safety - San Francisco Area

You will learn strategies for paddling within rock gardens, recognize areas to avoid, practice essential skills including self and assisted rescues within the turbulent water of a rock garden, and deal with scenarios that will put these skills into real-life settings. We will run pour-overs, enter sea caves and pass through natural arches (pending conditions and venue).

Prerequisite: Paddlers should be experienced with Surf Launching and Landing in waves 1ft above your head when sitting in your boat.

Location: Because coastal conditions can greatly vary and we want to have fun, the location will be determined the week of the class to best suit conditions for the day. Venue will be between North & South Bay Area. Please CONTACT ME  for further info if required.

Time: Geared up & ready to paddle by 9:30am to 4pm

Cost $129 Plus 6% booking company fee. (Minimum enrollment 3 - Max 5 students)

We pay the booking fee if you enter promo code no6%fee when signing up.