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ACA L3 Coastal Kayak Trip Leader training & assessment (Dates TBD)

Please contact me if you are interested as I am still working on dates.

Purpose: The purpose of the Level 3: Coastal Kayaking Trip Leader (L3: CKTL) assessment is to prepare individuals who intend to lead other paddlers, either recreationally or professionally.

I am currently setting dates for this training and assessment, it will run over two weekends in Dec and Jan. The idea is to run them far enough apart so skills identified as needing work in the training can be worked on before the assessment.

Course Location / Venue: Lakes or coastal waters with potential areas of exposure to mild wind and wave conditions, with constant access to safe landing and within 1.5 nm from shore:  10 - 15 knot winds  1 - 2 foot waves (chop) (0.3 – 0.6 meters)  1 - 2 foot surf (0.3 – 0.6 meters)  1 - 2 knots of current At least 3 of the above conditions must be present during some part of the assessment

More course info here