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Intro to Sea Kayak Surfing & Surf Zone Dynamics - Nehalem Bay Or.

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Kayak surfing is a great way to have fun and improve your comfort level paddling coastal waters

The Intro to Surfing course is designed to increase comfort in the surf zone & introduce paddlers how to read and surf waves with good boat control.

This class is scheduled on Wed to take advantage of the ideal tides. We will work on skills while paddling 2 miles with the end of the ebb current to the mouth of Nehalem Bay. Once arriving at the mouth, this venue offers a great progression from very small surf to the larger sets outside and a light flood current pushing away from the surf. Making it an ideal venue to gently up your skill level.

Participants will Learn: · Surf zone dynamics, etiquette, and hazards · Wave selection · Where to catch waves and how to exit them · Boat control and positioning on the wave · Basic maneuvers

A roll is not required for this course, but may be a good opportunity to practice the one you may have.

Cost $125 Plus 6% booking company fee. (Minimum enrollment 2 - Max 3 students) Dressed and ready to paddle at 10am.

We pay the booking fee if you enter promo code no6%fee when signing up.

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