Forward Stroke - Edging & Manuvers

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an EFFICIENT forward stroke will open more opportunities to paddle a large variety of places and improve your overall skills.

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This class will focus on a practical efficient forward stroke for Sea Kayakers. Proper technique ensures you can paddle faster, more efficiently and with less strain on your body. While the basics of this stroke are fairly simple it is one of the most difficult to refine to a high level of efficiency. Unlike a racer in a surf ski, most sea kayaks are shorter without rudders which tends to let your kayak veer off course if only focusing on that perfect racing stroke. We will add subtle adjustments to the stroke and kayak to keep you moving forward.

The forward paddling stroke is our primary means of forward propulsion and the start point of every adventure. Weather paddling in high winds, touring, surfing, kayak fishing, or just on your local lake, you will need to use a forward stroke.