Kayak Rolling Classes


Still, after many years and hundreds of roll students as California Canoe & Kayaks senior roll instructor, I really enjoy getting people there FIRST roll! My roll instruction focuses on getting paddlers a usable roll that will prepare them to roll in rough water when its needed. If you have never been in a kayak or are interested in improving your existing roll, you can become confident in this skill.

Classes are offered at the Columbia Pool in Portland on Tue & Thur evenings from 8-9:30. Other dates, open water venues or other pools in the Portland area are always an option. To sign up for a rolling class or get more information CONTACT ME and I will get back to you shortly.

Pricing for private (apx 1.5hr) rolling classes: For [1 person$60] [2 people $75] Boat & gear can be included by request. Students pay there own pool & boat fee, apx $10

I found there was a gap between students learning and practicing their roll in calm water to transitioning that roll to something usable in conditions. So I created a class just for that transition called Situational Rolling & Bracing. In this class we start the day in calm water and gradually build into conditions. Here is a video from one of my my Situational Rolling & Bracing Classes: