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Coastal Rescue & Rocks

Coastal paddling is a team sport, in this class you will learn how to work as a team to set up play spots and handle situations if something goes wrong.


In this class we will work on strategies to extract both yourself and your team from situations that could arise while paddling on the coast or rock gardening. You will build the confidence needed to play in dynamic coastal areas. We will work on assessing the teams skills and analyzing appropriate places for your team to have fun while playing on the coast.

*Previous rock garden class or experience highly suggested*

Class Scheduled for Sunday May 20

Location: Marin Headlands Ca, to make for the best possible class the launch site is TBD pending conditions prior to class.

COST: $125 plus 6% fee charged by booking company.  (Min Enrollment: 3; Max Enrollment: 5)

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental. Boats & Gear can be rented from our Partners.

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